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Azul Armada

Under the direction of Rhya Milici and Lily Christensen Azul Armada is Seattle’s only Latin Fusion Team. Can’t choose between Salsa and Bachata? You don’t have to! Azul Armada focuses on fusing many styles in a creative and story telling format- we expect to see great improvement in our dancers ability to learn choreography and social dance! Check out our performance from last season!

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Studio Azul Ladies Team

Under the direction of Rebecca Jakubson and Lily Christensen The Studio Azul Ladies Team focuses on learning challenging and empowering choreographies at an accessible level to those with little - to no Latin Dance Experience. The Studio Azul Ladies season is a 6 month commitment - we focus heavily on technique training in conjunction with choreography all throughout the season. It’s our entry level team- but it’s certainly not entry level. We challenge our dancers at every level! Most of these performers have NO PERFORMANCE EXPERIENCE! Check out one of our performances here!

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Sabrosa Dance Company/ Sabrosa Touring Team

Sabrosa Dance Company is proud to be Seattle’s Largest Female Salsa Troupe. Members of this team have been dancing and performing (mostly with our studio) for 3 + years. This team has a strong commitment to movement and a stronger commitment to one another. During our year long season we focus on learning two different pieces and the challenge of mastering both at the same time. Sabrosas are held to a high standard of creativity and artistry and travel around the west coast performing their choreographies. Check out our recent flamenco/salsa fusion performance

Sabrosa Pro

Sabrosa Pro is made-up of some of Seattle’s most respected dancers and instructors. It is choreographed and directed by Lily Christensen. This elite group is held to a professional standard of excellence through training in Latin, Ballet, Contemporary and Hip-Hop. They have been a sensation at events around the Northwest this year and are the current Bella Weekender Ladies Team Showdown Champions. If you’d like to book the Sabrosa Pro Team for your event please fill out this form.