Dance Conditioning 

Dance Conditioning fuses elements of ballet, yoga, pilates, cardio and strength training. Dancers can expect a head-to-toe workout focusing on strength techniques that directly improve technique for all genres of dance. Open to dancers of all levels. Class time is 55 minutes. 


Merging elements of jazz, hip-hop, latin styles and burlesque this style is one of the most popular around the world. Dancers will be lead through a warm-up and spend the remainder of class learning choreography. Some dance experience preferred. Heels are recommended but not required. Class time is 55 minutes.

Ladies Styling 

Ladies Styling classes will rotate monthly between Salsa and Bachata. We believe that styling is so much more than just arms. Expect to learn in-depth concepts and technique exercises. Basic knowledge of Latin Dances required. Heels recommended but not required. Class time is 55 minutes. 

Abs + Ass  

Abdominal muscles are crucial in enabling dancers to execute movements with control. In class we will work abs from top to bottom. You can also expect squats, plies and plies to elevate the heart rate and strengthen legs, glutes, calves, feet and ankles! Low impact and accessible to all fitness levels, you will break a sweat! Mats required. Class time is 35 minutes 

Contemporary for Beginners 

Learn the fundamentals of connecting to music, body control and musicality all while experimenting with fun and exciting combos, drills and across the floors. This class is great for dancers of all genres and those interested in exploring dance and movement. Come with an open mind and leave with a full heart! Beginners welcome. Class time is 55 minutes. 


A great addition to your strength training and dancing! You'll be lead through a warm-up and can expect to learn how to stretch in safe and effective ways + gain mobility. Students will be able to set and work towards flexibility goals. Expect lots of coaching and hands on adjustment. Socks suggested and mat suggested. Class time is 35 minutes