Quema Fit

Quema means “burn” in Spanish- and we promise to get you doing just that! Quema fuses elements of interval training, pilates, ballet and yoga for a sweat filled, heart-pumping, body burning fitness experience. Our classes are always different but each 55 minute workout aims to target your entire body- you can expect about 25% upper body, 25% core 50% lower body strength training partnered with dynamic cardio and stretching. Our instructors are professional dancers- they’ll keep you transitioning seamlessly from one movement to the next and set the workout to a killer soundtrack. What makes Quema different? Intensity and intention come together to help you build the mental and physical stamina to achieve the results you’ve been looking for on and off the dance-floor.  No jeans please! You will sweat. Yoga mats encouraged.


Merging elements of jazz, hip-hop, latin styles and burlesque this style is one of the most popular around the world. Dancers will be lead through a warm-up and spend the remainder of class focusing on dance technique and learning choreography. Some dance experience preferred. Class is open to all genders. Heels are recommended but not required. Class time is 55 minutes.

Salsa Footwork and Body Movement

Our Intermediate Salsa on2 Footwork class! We spend half of the class focusing on the on2 Salsa Basic and Technique + Isolations and the other half grooving to a fun footwork combo. If you’re looking a way to add SABOR or to improve your salsa technique and body movement this is the class for you!

Bachata Funk

Bachata Funk is a great class for beginner/intermediate dancers. We focus on the basic of bachata and then how to add flavor and fusion elements from hip-hop and jazz! Expect awesome music ranging from hip-hop to Dominican Bachata and to be stylistically challenged!

Beginner Contemporary Dance

Contemporary mixes elements of ballet, lyrical, jazz and modern. The main focus of our contemporary class is to explore floor-work and emotional connection to movement/performance quality. Contemporary is a great way to quite literally shake out your week and focus on a movement quality that feels relaxing and fluid.